2006 Rollins Reunion

Rollins Reunion.  May 21, 2006
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Danny Howard, Pearl Dollar &
Dyettie (Wirz) Williams

The Berrys
Linda, Leonard,Judy, David, AnnaMae, Scott,
Craig, Melissa, Julie, Joe, Beth & Berry

Leonard, AnnaMae, Scott, Melissa & Julie Berry

The Jones
Phil, Judy, Jerry & Lucille

Lillie Alder, Larry Brubaker, Evelyn Nesmith,
Scott & Sharon Alder

Holly & Seth Gottfried

June (Howard) Castner

Stan & Danica Grayczko
Tyler, Rylie & Hannah

Cheryl & Dan Howard

Jan & Mike Lukens

Ann & Gary Howard

Lucille & Jerry Jones

Linda & Craig Berry

Judy (Ewald) Berry - Background
Joe & Beth Berry - Foreground

Leonard & AnnaMae