Scott, Leonard, Judy, Mike
Crystal River, Florida
February, 2020



This page contains pictures of family members.  Some will have friends included in the picture, but each picture will have one or more of family in them.  Remember, these pictures are "thumbnails", meaning that you can click on them to enlarge and use the 'back' button to return.

My Parents: Leonard & AnnaMae  5-15-02

Tomie, Mike and my sister, Judy 

Virginia Soeth, cousin  4-7-02

The following group of pictures were taken on April 23, 2002, at AnnaMae and Leonard's house.

Judy and Guesswho

Now we know


Pearl and DyEddie

Rachel and Sue


Phil and Judy

Ken with family and Terry


Joe Who?

Our Joe





Lillie and Evelyn

Larry and Danny


Beth, Linda, Craig and Tommie

Mr. Cool

Danny and Phil


Norm and Kathy's Visit With Me.
October 25, 2002.